Mr. Grumpy says Goodbye

Mike Java
3 min readDec 31, 2020

Yes, it is finally over. 2020 is dust.

Photo by Weston MacKinnon on Unsplash

At this point in everybody’s life, you have either read way too many articles about the end of the year, or written way too much about the end of this year, or Heavens to Betsy done both. Some might even put a nice positive spin on the time we spent apart but I’m not most people and I have never put a positive spin on anything. It has been a most wonderous year to be Grumpy. But enough is enough and let's get this damn thing over with before Grouchy sets in. Dopey won the election while pretending to be Sleepy, OK enough with the Dwarfs already.

It is encouraging to think as I sit alone in my front room banging away at my poor unfortunate and worn out keyboard as the clock slowly grinds its way towards the magical witching hour when, magically, we start all over again. But we don’t actually get to start over again. 2021 will begin just like 2020 is ending with half the world in “lockdown” and the other half arguing if it should be in “lockdown”, and another half, didn’t know there were more than two halves did ya? Well, they the “other half” don’t admit anything happened, we call them Reporters.

Corona, covid. Chineses flu, whatever you want to call it, it ‘done did a number’ on us. There are spanners that can fuck up the works then there is the mother of all spanners, politicians, making important decisions during a real emergency. Should be a law against that level of stupidity. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, even bank robbers are confused. Now be honest how many of yall went into a bank wearing your prettiest leopard skin(print) mask, and said: “Give me the money”. Fess up you know who you are.

Politicians. Yep, we got a whole new, or really really old, depending on your point of view, group of elected(I’ll use that word reservedly)officials going to take office in just a couple of weeks. Heads may turn so fast that whiplash will be the number two cause of injury, right behind jumping to conclusions, when Covid magically becomes a real problem and not a political one.

Democrats have a real problem staring them in the face, I feel sorry for them, I really do,(not really) that covid thing, they have been blaming Mr. Trump for since last February is now their problem. Of course, we have a vaccine now, thanks Donald much appreciated but…



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